The body-based coaching certification that will change your fucking life 

An intimate 6-month group program training where coaches, therapists, and healers become masterful somatic practitioners by learning how to connect to the deep wisdom of the body and the unconscious – so you can guide your clients into deeper states of healing.

Our SOMATIC RETREAT  kicks off August 13th you will LEARN everything you need to succeed as a SOMATIC COACH.

Doors close 8/1
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The Somatic Coach Certification is intentionally designed to teach you not only how to create & market an offer that is unique to your business and coaching style, but also to expertly facilitate transformations for your clients, so they reach their goals faster and with more ease.

The body-based coaching certification that will change your fucking life 

An intimate 6-month group program training where coaches, therapists, and healers become masterful somatic practitioners by learning how to connect to the deep wisdom of the body and the unconscious – so you can guide your clients into deeper states of healing.

The Somatic Coach Certification is intentionally designed to teach you not only how to create & market an offer that is unique to your business and coaching style, but also to expertly facilitate transformations for your clients, so they reach their goals faster and with more ease.

It's no coincidence you landed on this page. It's ENERGY. And it's occurring all the f'ing time. And it brought you here.

Whether you want to begin living your full potential as a coach? Learn an earth shattering set of tools to help people, or you’re an established practitioner wanting to upgrade your skill set  . . .

. . .you don’t simply want to go through another training.

You want something extraordinary. You want to be a MIRACLE WORKER

Here’s the thing about miracles.

True miracles happen when you go right to the heart and soul of what most practitioner trainings ignore:  

learning how to work with what lives in the unconscious mind. That which is not visible in our 3D reality.

The unconscious mind is the deeper, unseen, and the EXTRAORDINARY part of you that, in large part, determines your thoughts, beliefs, identity, 
preferences, and habits. It literally runs the show called your life. It's stored in your body and your nervous system. Often it can feel confusing and unsettling to the mind and body.

It’s encoded in your DNA. And it has been passed down to you from generations before.

Here's how it works:

  • Once you apply to the program you jump on a call to see if it's a good fit
  • ​The program kicks off with a 1 day somatic retreat where you learn everything you need to know to succeed as a somatic coach
  • ​Over the next 6 months we meet weekly to integrate, improve your skills, practice coaching
  • ​You graduate with the Somatic Coach Certification and you are able to book your first client


    Despite what you hear from most of the coaching industry, thought work alone is not going to give your clients lasting, sustainable results.

    If you’ve been following all the “proven approaches” of the major coaching schools and wondering why they don’t seem to be delivering results for your clients, this is why:

    With mindset work alone, it can take weeks or months to talk through a problem your client is experiencing and transform her beliefs.

    By integrating the body, you can uncover unconscious patterns in MINUTES and get to work on the deeper layers immediately. Through the body, you tap into your client’s unconscious mind and create true safety, which is what facilitates lasting change.

    I know, it sounds hard to believe that this ONE thing can shift everything in your coaching sessions.

    But trust me: just like mindset work was once considered the be-all, end-all of good coaching…

    Body work is the new frontier of the coaching industry.

    Being able to do this type of radical change work at both the conscious and unconscious levels is at the very cutting edge of where neuroscience meets ancient-healing-wisdom.

    And you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this movement, joining the new wave of coaches integrating the body’s deep wisdom into your practice.

    I know that you don’t want to feel like all the other coaches, healers, therapists, practitioners out there.

    You want to feel like a badass warrior, a SAGE with incredible abilities.

    Integrating the body – and therefore the unconscious mind – is what will give you the CONFIDENCE to show up and be the HEALER you are..

    And there is no other FACILITATOR training that PROVIDES you with this level of MASTERY and EMBODIMENT.

    This is exactly why I put together a program that not only gives you the credibility to do all of the above, but equips you with the TOOLS and the CONFIDENCE to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    The Somatic Coach Certification is THE most non-judgmental, safe, and caring container I've experienced for life coaches. During my time in SCC, I had so many negative thoughts about myself and my coaching. No matter what I did, I often believed that my coaching was never "good enough" and that I was a "bad coach." After going through SCC, not only did I learn how to have more compassion for myself and my Inner Critic, but I also learned how to hold a powerful, shame-free space for my clients.

    I love that Rachel emphasizes the importance of not shaming your clients and allowing your clients to have full autonomy over their journey in life. However, she emphasizes the importance of "walking the walk" and "talking the talk" by ensuring that you know how to stop shaming and criticizing yourself. You doing your own self-healing work is CRUCIAL and often emphasized in the program.

    In addition, I loved all the somatic tools Rachel taught us. She introduced a wide variety of modalities, from breath work, to learning hypnotherapy from Clarissa Tu, grounding, resourcing, orienting, nervous system regulation, and much more. We learned how to create collaborative partnerships with our bodies and how to use our body's wisdom as a powerful tool in coaching ourselves and our clients.

    Rachel's coaching style is so compassionate, safe, and trauma-informed. She has helped me access many subconscious belief systems that I didn't realize was holding me back -- but with ease, warmth, and safety. I love her approach and I HIGHLY recommend this form of coaching to empower the client and give the client full autonomy over their lives!
    Charmaine - Sugar Free Self-Care Coach
    Looking back 1.5 years to when I first started with Rachel, I am amazed at the practitioner, business owner, and human being I am today. 

    I remember being so anxious about what now feels so neutral - from overthinking sharing even just one social media post to now actually feeling enjoyment and fulfillment with creating visibility. 

    I’ve published a book, do public speaking with ease, and found a way to market that suits me. My hypnotherapy business has grown, profiting 2-3x more, thanks to Rachel’s holistic coaching on strategy, self-belief and, my favorite, doing it all with integrity. 

    The coaching skills I’ve learned from her have been an incredible complement to my hypnotherapy background, sharpening my effectiveness with clients. Most of all, Rachel really cares, and has a clear mission to help clients help others in the way that is true to them. Rachel’s coaching was game-changing. I have clear markers of tangible success, with income and client flow. 

    Most importantly, though, I live a life where I feel secure in my work and myself. Life is so much more enjoyable this way.
    Clarissa - Hypnotherapist
    These six months with Rachel as my coach and guide have been everything I needed. Rachel supported me as I grew my confidence to be unshakable. 

    I used to hold back sharing about my services to potential clients and new acquaintances. Now I share with a fat smile on my face. 

    She also guided me to realize that I have so much to offer clients for their healing and I needed the consistent reminder to know that my service is very much needed.
    Helen -Human Design Coach and Medium
    Just a year ago, I was trying to decide what to do with my professional life. I was experiencing major burnt out from teaching and knew I needed to make a change. 

    A dear friend turned me on to Rachel‘s Somatic Life Coaching certification and passed on her number to me. After one short phone conversation, I was hooked. 

    This girl not only knows what she’s talking about & helps create major transformations in your life but she also provides such a comfortable safe space for all that you bring to the table. In addition, she is a kick ass, fun, amazing gal. So grateful for her and her program, but mostly grateful that she taught me how to trust in myself that this change is what I truly needed. 
    Ally - Mindfulness Life Coach
    I truly believe finding Rachel was a matter of divine universal intervention. I was very close to giving up on my coaching career. 

    I was showing up for my clients under prepared with low confidence and no real skill sets. I literally would cry after each coaching session. I was devastated but knew in my soul this is what I was meant to do. 

    After starting to work with Rachel, I slowly began to practice new fundamental techniques that became the structure to build my own self identity as a coach. In this safe container, I have been able to practice, stumble, improve, grow and become more the coach I once envisioned. 

    The Somatic Coaching program is filled with incredible tools coupled with heartfelt feedback.

    Rachel once told me, she would hold confidence in me until I could hold it in myself. That simple statement allowed me to focus on improving without shrinking from fear. Now, I so fully believe in my coaching skills that I was able to comfortably double the price of my program.
    Shari - Holistic Hormone Health Coach

    An intimate 6-month group program training where coaches, therapists, and healers become masterful somatic practitioners by learning how to connect to the deep wisdom of the body and the unconscious – so you can guide your clients into deeper states of healing.

    The Somatic Coach Certification is intentionally designed to teach you not only how to create & market an offer that is unique to your business and coaching style, but also to expertly facilitate transformations for your clients, so they reach their goals faster and with more ease.

    This isn’t your average CERTIFICATION program

    It’s THE certification that’s going to make your jaw drop, humble you, BLOW YOUR MIND, change the way you view coaching/your business/yourself several times over, and upgrade the consciousness you’re currently operating from.

    It’s the brain-exploding, body activating, mind bending, energy shifting training you’ve been waiting for.

    It’s being brought to you by a skilled veteran with over 20 years of experience in the mind body field: (an actual) psychotherapist turned yoga master and mentor who has spent the last 2 decades studying the mind body connection (Rachel Friedman).

    I’ve created the training I wish I had when I started out – the one that finally brings it all together (mind, body, energy, and soul).

    This certification won’t just change your career path, it will change your fucking life.

    You will learn how to rewire the patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior fast that live in the conscious and unconscious parts of your human mind and body.

    You will learn how to look beyond what's on the surface of someone’s mind, and update unconscious patterns with TLC.

    You will learn how to guide healing at the innate, cognitive, emotional, and energetic levels seamlessly and masterfully.
    You will be able to navigate whatever your client brings - yes including TRAUMA. So many coaches are afraid to touch trauma at all (and without the proper training, you should be afraid because you can cause real damage). But no one goes through life without trauma, so it’s imperative that you know how to navigate it effectively, without re-traumatizing your clients and making things worse. That’s why this certification isn’t just trauma informed, it’s HEALING CENTERED. 

    And you will learn how to show up CONFIDENTLY, communicate the value of what you do, and build a successful practice on your own terms, so that all these skills don’t just become a hobby.

    Your skills become the foundation of an amazing fucking career.

    If you think this is an extraordinary set of skills that will set you apart in the marketplace, you are 100% right.

    You’ll learn how to integrate ancient wisdom + the most cutting-edge neuroscience into YOUR practice, and create transformations that your clients couldn’t access anywhere else.

    I'm not teaching you to be a copycat of me or anyone else. I want you to fully embody your own way of doing it.

    You will discover your own voice and expertise as a facilitator, your own signature process, or update the one you already have to be a million times more effective.

    You want the best fucking skills out there AND be able to set up shop and start serving people right away. I will hold your hand every step of the way. 

    Here's How You Get CERTIFIED

    We kick off with a all day virtual retreat you will LEARN everything you need to succeed as a SOMATIC COACH.

    We meet weekly for 90 minutes to learn and apply new tools and techniques
    You are invited to attend weekly office hours where you can ask questions and get coached on anything and everything.

    You will attend bi-weekly Round Robin call - where you will coach one of your peers and receive live feedback to implement immediately.

    Each session will be interactive. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and play! 

    All sessions are recorded and replays will be available, because life happens and students are located all over the world.

    If you show up, participate and do the work, you will be certified by the Somatic Coach School as a Somatic Facilitator ready to go out into the world and offer your services.


    Payment plans available

    This Program Is For You If . . .
    • You know that mindset work alone doesn’t work, and you want to learn the somatic and energetic tools to support your clients with real, deep transformation.
    • ​​You want to dive deep in the workings of the unconscious mind and understand how to navigate it with TLC 
    • You want to feel fully aligned with your marketing & your business, and you know that will require you to bring more embodiment & spirituality into your business
    • ​You’re ready to start attracting enough dream clients, to fully book our your schedule with people you love to work with – so you never have to work with a nightmare client for the money again
    • You know that you’re meant to help people heal & transform their lives and you just need support with fine tuning your gifts and skills.
    • ​​You are hungry to create a structured program based on your innate wisdom that you’re so proud of you could scream about from the rooftops

    The Somatic Process Method is a revolutionary approach that uses the intelligence of the body, the mind, and your energy to create lasting change. It is a holistic, integrative approach that goes beyond just mindset work and gets to the root cause of what is holding people back from achieving their highest potential.

    The curriculum encompasses the following and so much more:


    • Master the conscious/unconscious the #1 skill that will dramatically increase your effectiveness as a healer– whether in 1:1 conversations, or in a group work
    • ​​Learn how to “read” the client’s unconscious communication to pinpoint what they need beyond what they’re telling you
    • ​Access conscious expanding states… without drugs (if that sounds fun… it is!)
    • ​​Know the exact questions that help facilitate deeper levels of inquiry so your clients can access the unconscious patterns and programing


    • Master cutting edge scientifically backed techniques for regulating the nervous system and integrating it into your work
    • ​Discover somatic strategies to release unconscious patterns, and “wire in” new ones
    • ​Dive deep into the human shadow and understand how to integrate these part into consciousness to create sustainable life altering healing
    • ​Learn how to integrate healing modalities of breath work and meditation to create healing in the body
    • ​Master the skill of reprogramming responses to common triggers, to free clients from the effects of past memories, including trauma 


    • Learn how to protect your own energy, so you don't end up burnt out or overwhelmed by your business
    • Master cutting edge energy techniques that help you show up and attract what you desire 
    •  Clean up your own energy and learn how to do this for your clients to help you and them reach desired goals with more ease


    • Learn a mind-body framework for creating a sustainable business. This is truly rarely taught, and even more rarely practiced, and it is the #1 factor that distinguishes those who grow businesses with fun, ease, and sustainability, and those who hustle hard for barely any result, and get burnt out.
    • Reprogram your unconscious mind to feel safe to show up and share authentically and vulnerability
    • Have your hand held as you walk through each step that it takes to set up a successful practice from scratch. I will teach you to focus on key elements, which will have you growing faster while avoiding all the common pitfalls that waste so many coaches’ time, energy, and money
    • ​​Create your own process that blends your own unique skills and talents - one that helps you stand out as the EXPERT you are.
    • ​Learn how to price and structure your offer in a way that feels good to you and allows you to attract clients at any level of business

    This is perfect for you if the below statements resonate true for you . . .

    • You’re ready to take clients deeper, you know the importance of embodiment & somatic work.
    • You desire to create more impactful transformation for your clients.
    • You have spiritual gifts within you waiting to be realized, extracted & shared with the world.
    • ​​You want to evolve. You know in order to become a masterful somatic coach you must first embody mastery yourself.

    This journey is about what you can do, but it’s more about who you will become….

    I have been in your shoes.

    When I first started my coaching business I was overwhelmed with self-doubt and uncertainty about how I was going to lead my clients to the breakthroughs they came for.

    Despite all the training and the background I had as a therapist + yogi,every time a new client applied to work with me I had that little voice in the back of my head saying,

    "Am I a good coach?"

    "Will people really want to work with me?"

    “Can I really make big promises? What if I can’t actually get my clients big results?”

    “What do I do about clients who are stuck In negative feelings and beliefs? Or come back with the same issues week after week?”

    “I know I want to create my own structured program… but how the heck do I make my marketing stand out AND make sure I’m actually teaching what gets clients results?”

    When I did get clients I had these thoughts circling my mind:

    • ​​What approach would be the most effective to get my clients close to my goals? How do I know I’m using the right tools & strategies?
    • ​If they came to me with a difficult question how would I point them in the right direction
    • What are other strategies, tools, or techniques out there I have not yet been exposed to that can really help me deepen the transformation that I facilitate
    • ​I see other coaches who know deep down that they can create incredible results for their clients & I want some of that!!

    I was exhausting myself and leaking energy.

    I knew in my heart and soul this was the work I was put on this planet to be doing - but the fear of not getting it right was holding me back.

    It wasn’t until a coach reflected back to me that I needed to reprogram the stories in my mind that were keeping me playing small and consistently second guessing my skills that I was finally able to grow into the coach I longed to be – as soon as I did, the testimonials from clients who’d gotten amazing results started to flow in. 
    What changed? This one thing: I finally understood that integrating the body is the #1 key for masterful coaching.

    Immediately I started to see my clients’ growth accelerate, as I led them into new depths of thought work, helped them tap into their bodies, and expanded their nervous systems for greater peace & abundance.

    It was just like magic. Things I’d been struggling with for what felt like a lifetime because almost non-existent for me – and for my clients. 

    And because I had ONLY come to this realization because of another coach, another discovery clicked into place. The best coaches have other coaches to:
    • Help them see their blind spots and where they might be leading the session astray
    • That they mastermind with to come up with better ideas to navigate difficult situations
    • ​To bring their problems to when they feel stuck or unable to lead the client where they need to go
    Now, imagine what it would feel like to…
    Wake up excited + ready to coach your clients (no more waking up at 3am from a cortisol burst, worrying what your client will say on the call later)
    Feeling confident in yourself – your tools, skills, and your unique program – with certainty that you can deliver masterful results, because you have peers to practice with + get feedback from to strengthen your coaching
    Have money in the bank from clients who are eager to sign + re-sign with you, so you can do the things that nourish your mind, body and soul.
    See your client end your next coaching call with tears in her eyes, telling you that you’ve changed her life and she never thought this kind of progress was possible

    Have clients refer to you their friends and family because they’re so sold on the transformation you provide + they trust you to help others

    This can be your life.
    It no longer needs to be a distant dream – it’s time to make it your reality.

    What Is Somatic Coaching . . .

    Somatic Coaching is a body based approach to one-on-one or small group setting work towards personal growth and transformation. 

    Somatic Coaching is a complement to traditional talk coaching as it moves from the brain and cognition to the body and sensation. Somatic coaching taps into the unconscious mind so we can get more sustainable results.

    Working with the body is a powerful way to both address our past traumas and to prepare for our future goals. 

    In our current society our bodies are often an afterthought – but our bodies hold so much information and contain pathways to wholeness. Engaging with our physical experiences can offer insight and strength in ways that are surprising and sometimes challenging. 

    Our bodies hold the wisdom to so much of our healing and our faster way to access transformation.

    IIn my coaching, I use somatic techniques such as yoga, breath work, inner child work, parts work, process work psychology, and meditation to help you connect with deeper levels of consciousness and transmute wounds into growth. In this certification, you will learn how to use 10 different somatic tools -- including recognizing the best time to use each with a client.

    Somatic Coaching can benefit anyone, we all deserve to be in an active relationship with our bodies, to have awareness of our sensations, and to move in the world from a place of connection and alignment.

    This is NOT just another certification that is going to collect dust in your repertoire of certificates but this is specifically designed to help you...

    • go from questioning your tools to feeling rock solid in your process
    • go from feeling insecure about your abilities to feeling confident you can deliver results for your clients
    • ​go from struggling to making money in your passion to feeling financially secure and abundant as a coach, with fully aligned marketing that magnetizes more clients to you 

    Fuck the doubt, it's time to own your magnificence!

    This is the only coaching program that focuses on adding the emotional, physical, and energetic body into your coaching.

    Most programs focus on targeting problems and creating solutions from either a mental, physical, or emotional perspective and do not have an integrative approach that embodies all three.  

    Human beings are not one dimensional therefore the process of true change also needs a multidimensional approach.  

    The Somatic Process Method prepares you to assist clients no matter what problems they bring to you because we get to the root of the problem and then create lasting change in all three levels.

    Here’s what this program is NOT about.

    I am super aware that a lot of certifications are selling . . .

    the promise that your life is going to just be sunshine and butterflies,

    “get rich quick” ploy,

    the idea that your well-being and ability to achieve goals is independent of what's going on in the world around you and that you shouldn't be at all affected by it (that's a load of crap),

    the idea that you should mold your brain and your life so it looks like the cultural ideal of “perfection,”

    illusions of instant gratification, and “secret formulas” and “exclusive blueprints” that allow you to bypass the work.


    The goal of Somatic Work is to unlock each human's fullest potential.

    AND there is no right way to do this. So there is no formula, blueprint, or script.

    Your growth looks completely different from someone else’s growth. The same is true for your clients.

    And it (usually) doesn't look anything like what society believes it' "should" (rich, thin, heterosexual, and happy all the fucking time).

    Thriving is about being fully present with your human experience — including the challenging parts, the sadness, the anger, and the darkness.

    Growth and expansion makes room for all of it to unfold naturally exactly as it's meant to.

    Thriving includes acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings, and exercising your influence and privileges in a way that truly serves the communities you’re part of. 

    These concepts aren’t just boxes you check off. You embody them.

    Yes, you will master the tools and skills that crack through the unconscious patterns that live within us,

    AND I will make sure that you feel fully aligned with your internal values the entire time.

    You will learn to guide clients to define for themselves what happiness and thriving looks like, and follow that no matter what society says.

    Here's What My Students Say About The Program . . .

    Dharma Coaching course strengthened my knowledge and experience in coaching. I learned how to set up my coaching business and continued to work on the mindset component of being a coach and an entrepreneur. 
    My favorite part of the course was observing Rachel coach and then us getting to coach others in the group. I have found the more practice I got, the more comfortable I became, and then I could really focus on my clients and not on my own mind drama while coaching! I also loved incorporating the mindfulness/yoga component to the standard mind-based coaching methods. I integrate both in my coaching and find it so valuable.  
    Fast forward to now. I have a five-figure coaching business and clients that I absolutely love. I feel confident in my coaching and I know I am making a difference in my clients’ lives. I will always be grateful to Rachel for helping me find and create my path and my passion.
    Diana, Yoga Teacher, Mindset & Life Coach For Women
    There was a moment when I wondered, "will this work?!" And about a month in I found myself thinking, "holy crap... This is working!" Seeing the shift in my perspective is worth it's weight in gold! Seeing the shift in my studio has allowed me so many more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

    Rachel has been an amazing support system for myself and my business. I'm working on things (like a business breakthrough for yoga teachers and a coaching business of my own! That I never though I'd need or want to have.
    I feel more centered, at peace with myself and my business and have a renewed sense of confidence to pursue my dreams (and to dream BIG!) I found myself thinking, "holy crap... This is working!"
    Maggie, Business Coach

    You should know . . . this will be one of the most ENJOYABLE & HILARIOUS experiences of your life. I am wildly inappropriate at times.

    You’re going to learn a shit ton of incredible tools that are mind altering, AND we do it having a BLAST. Because - it's so much easier to embody skills and techniques when you’re having FUN.

    Science has proven it time and time again.

    I have designed this certification as an experience - FUN (first), DOING (second), REPETITION (lastly) - THESE ARE THE ELEMENTS THAT CREATE EMBODIMENT. 



    Here's everything you'll get:

    24 live group calls - where you get in-depth coaching on the tools as you learn them, learn from your peers, and discover how to master any limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from creating greater abundance and impact. 
    24  office hour calls- as part of this high-touch premium program, you will have this space where you can ask questions and get personalized coaching on your current goals and challenges.
    12 Peer Coaching Sessions where you get live feedback to implement and integrate immediately.
    A supportive loving group of peers that you can cry with, laugh with, and role play different scenarios with to practice for your coaching calls. Once you join you will be added to our private fb group. I’ll also be active in this group every day to answer any questions that come up in-between calls.
    Access to the Somatic Process Method, my coaching session framework and consultation process - it has created over $300k in my business to date
    Access to my lead generation system and how to write copy that feels good and attracts your best fit clients. How to set up your first funnel including all the tech - this has created over $200k in my business to date. 
    Lifetime access to all the videos and playbooks - so there is no rush to get things done in a certain time

    Plus these amazing bonuses...

    Guided Confidence Meditation: This guided meditation will support you in default unconscious programing and help to rewire and set in new beliefs that align with your goals and desires

    Money Hygiene Course: This 3 part mini-course will help you clean up any limiting beliefs you have about money and make you a money magnet in your business and life

    Guided Confidence Meditation

    VALue: priceless

    Energy Hygiene Workshop

    valued at $500

    Here's How You Get CERTIFIED

    The certification program is fully virtual and takes place on Zoom.

    It takes place over 6 months

    We meet weekly for 90 minutes to learn and apply new tools and techniques
    You are invited to attend weekly office hours where you can ask questions and get coached on anything and everything.
    You will attend bi-weekly Round Robin call - where you will coach one of your peers and receive live feedback to implement immediately.

    Each session will be interactive. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and play!

    All sessions are recorded and replays will be available, because life happens and students are located all over the world.

    If you show up, participate and do the work, you will be certified by the Somatic Coach  School as a Somatic Facilitator ready to go out into the world and offer your services.


    Payment plans are available

    What Rachel's clients have to say:

    But NOT every coach is ready for this level of depth and precision in their coaching.

    This is for you IF . . .

     If you are wanting to upgrade your coaching business by elevating your skills and tools.
     You are motivated, a go getter, and ready to ready to step into being a masterful coach
     You are willing to put in the work and aren't looking for someone to do it for you.
     You have worked with a few clients or maybe several but you are ready to have a repeatable approach, so you can work smarter not harder.
     You have gotten your clients some results and now you are ready for support  to deepen your own mindset and toolkit  to achieve better results for your clients.
     You want to be part of a group of like minded individuals who are helping each other up-level there coaching mastery and will become like your best friends as you help each other develop your skills.

    This is not for you if . . .

     You aren't interested in truly helping people improve their wellbeing.
     You want a quick fix cookie cutter coaching templates and questions and not looking to learn the deep strategies of unconscious work, somatic work, and belief rewiring.
     You're looking for a form of passive income like building a course and aren't interested in facilitating deep transformation for people or bringing more soul into your business.
     You don't have a passion for coaching, you're just looking to become a six figure business owner - good luck. You are going to have to apply all the tools.

    What happens after you apply?

    When you hit the apply button, you will be taken to an application page.

    Fill out the application form. 

    If it seems like you could be a good fit I will send you a link to book a call and to discuss your next steps.

    We will decide if the program is a good fit and if so, I will send you the information for payment and then you will be added to the private Facebook group where you will get to meet all your peers.

    Why you should work with me?

    When I considered her coaching, I spoke with Rachel in an introductory call and let her know that I was not worth my own time and investment. I arrived to our first session believing I still was not worth my own time and investment. 
    Over the course of the next 6 months, this perspective and thought pattern changed drastically. 
    I am so excited for my new adventure.
    Olivia, Yoga Teacher

    Hey, there! I'm Rachel.

    Running businesses has been my life for the last 20 years.

    I understand what it feels like to struggle with creating clients and thinking you are doing it all wrong. And it’s why I created this program.

    Psychotherapist, fitness coach, 3 yoga studios, and now a six-figure coaching business. I know the ins and outs of how to get your business thriving. 

    It starts with a strong foundation, seductive marketing, and a confident sales process. 

    My clients have upgraded their mindset and implemented powerful marketing strategies. The results they have manifested are proof that it works.

    Read what my students say...

    Rachel is a really great coach! 
    She helped me recognize some of my own mental setbacks that were keeping me from moving forward with reaching my goals.
    I appreciate the way she listens, holds the space, and helps me see my thoughts more clearly. With her help and great insight I'm able to move in the direction. I want to go for my own business and with more confidence. I really enjoy working with her!
    Alicia, Life Coach For Women Overcoming Trauma And Narcissistic Abuse
    When I met Rachel, I had just left my corporate job of 20 years and decided to follow my dream of owning a yoga studio and being a certified yoga teacher. I had worked up the courage to take the leap, but I didn't yet have an effective toolkit to navigate through the thoughts, feelings and actions required to make my dream become a reality.

    Enter Rachel... her coaching method and tools were exactly what I needed to make the right steps forward.
    Rachel's program is successful because the tools are easy to learn and use - she also provides the perfect balance of soft encouragement along with hard-ass 'kick-in-the-pants' accountability and 'real talk' that will force a level of introspection you've never has before. 
    She will help you (re)build your confidence and teach you new ways to build and execute your own plans.
    Heather, Yoga Studio Owner

    To help you make this the easiest decision of your life... I'm giving you this special guarantee.

    Because I'm only interested in helping you move forward and help you achieve your goals, you're protected by my money back guarantee.

    If you put in the work (that means showing up for every call and completing all the assignments) but you still don’t get a return on your investment, I will give you your money back. 100%.

    Ready to join the Certification?
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    Got questions?
    Get some answers here.

      Who is the program for?

    This certification is for coaches, therapists, healers at any point in their career, whether you just started your business this week or you’ve been at it for years. If you are passionate about helping people and have a background in wellness this program was designed for you.

    We use thought work and spiritual concepts throughout the certification program, and we also use proven, tangible strategies to help you reach your set goals.

      I Don’t Have A Niche Yet- What Do I Need To Do To Be Ready For The Program?

    This program is designed for coaches at any stage in their business. 

    If you don’t have a niche yet, I’ll help you uncover what it’s going to be and exactly how you can use it to work with your dream clients & get them the results you desire. If you already have a niche, you’ll find support in bringing more embodiment & alignment into your coaching. 

    As long as you are ready to put in the work to unlock your zone of genius and then go all in on your niche, you’re ready for the Somatic Coach Certification. 

      What Is Your Coaching Style?

    It is bold and loving all in one. I will point out your limiting beliefs always from a place of love and growth. I will always be your biggest cheerleader and have your back. But, remember you may not always love what I am going to say and that is my job as your coach.

    But you can understand my approach best by hearing from my past clients. Scroll down to read testimonials about my coaching containers.

      What Is The Time Investment Of This Program?

    It is ultimately up to you. What you put into the program will determine what you get out of it.

    You will get short actionable videos each week. They are not long. I find most students take no more than an hour to work on the module.

    You will have one hour of group coaching each week with me to refine what we are working on in the modules and to ask any questions.

      When Do I Get Access To The Modules?

    I will drop a new module into your email each week for the following week. So, no worries you will have plenty of time to go through it and work on the materials. You also get lifetime access to the videos, modules, and coursework, so you can continue learning & implementing this program for years to come.

      What If I Have Questions In Between Sessions?

    No worries, we will have a Facebook group that I will be checking daily and answering any questions that come up. This group will also be a place to celebrate wins, get copy coaching, and receive peer coaching.

      What Happens When I Apply?

    You will be taken to a link to book a call with me where you can ask any questions and we can make sure you are a good fit.

    If you're selected for the program I will then send you all the payment details and all the information to get you started.

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